Lip 唇毛                                                          $10

Forehead 前额                                              $10

Chin 臉頰                                                       $10

Eyebrow 眉毛                                                $15

Sideburns 鬍鬚                                  $15

Eyebrow & Lip 眉毛和唇部                          $20

Full Face & Eyebrow 全脸和眉毛                $45

Half Arms 半臂                                              $20

Full Arms 全臂                                               $40

Underarms 腋下                                           $15

Lower Back 腰背部                                       $20

Bikini 大腿內側                                              $30

Feet/Toes 腳/腳趾                                         $10

Full Legs (includes toes) 全腿(包括腳趾)    $50

808 Hair Removal Treatment永久脫毛    $150



ORGANIC FACIAL (75Mins)                          

傳統瘦臉補水護理                                         $80

ALGOMASK - Acne Cleasing (120Mins)          

海藻祛痘修復敏感肌面部護理                    $120


補氧面部補水護理                                       $150

Hydrolifiting Facial (120Mins)  

提拉緊緻面部護理                                       $150

BD-LS+Collagen infounded by Nano-Tech

黑臉娃娃淡斑煥膚面部護理 (120Mins)   $150 High Concentrate Collagen Accelerate  


SEA C SPA - Hydrating Facial(150Mins)  

有氧美白補水面部護理                                $198

COLLAGEN 90-II - Anti-Aging(150Mins)   

特效骨膠原蛋白抗衰老面部護理                $198

Detox Treatment (60 Mins)                     

​經絡疏通瘦臉排毒                                       $120



Oxygen Therapy (10 Mins)                                

納米補氧噴霧療程                                         $15

LED Light Therapy (10 Mins)                            

LED照燈煥膚                                                  $20

Meridian-Thumbing Therapy (10 Mins)     

全臉撥經                                                         $30

Hand Waxing and Massage (30 Mins)       

手部護理按摩                                                 $50

Cupping Therapy (30 Mins)                               拔火罐                                                             $50

Moving Cupping Therapy (45 Mins)                 走罐拔罐                                                         $80

Sauna Bed with Organic Oil (45 Mins)    

天然按摩油桑拿袋                                       $120

Back Essential Oil Massage (60 Mins)     

香薰精油安神開背                                       $180

All facial includes Oxygen Therapy/LED Light Therapy/Meridian-Thumbing Therapy  

所有面部護理包括納米補氧噴霧療程 /LED照燈煥膚/全臉撥經

    ALGOMASK+-Soothing and Hydrating


Soothe and hydrate your skin with this thermo-cooling treatment, designed to minimize the appearance of redness and provide ultimate relief to sensitive skin.

  • Your skin is bathed with serums targeting your critical concerns. The skilled hands of your aesthetician will transport you in a realm of relaxation with an ultimate facial massage before applying the cooling Algomask.

  • After 20 minutes of tranquility, you will be gently awakened, feeling refreshed and looking radiant.


This revolutionary treatment is designed to clear the complexion and breathe life back into dull, fatigued and stressed skin.

  • This five-step treatment begins with a thorough cleansing of the skin followed by a chemical peel to eliminate dead skin cells, which are suffocating the skin. A unique Oxygen Complex penetrates into the skin by a relaxing effleurage massage to invigorate the skin and restore its radiance.

  • The sensorial Oxygen Mask is applied, alleviating visible signs of stress and fatigue, all the while allowing you to enjoy a well-deserved rest. The treatment concludes with a final application of the Normalizing Cream to eliminate acne congestion and Sodium Hyaluronate to moisturize.

  • Your skin will be radiant, moisture-balanced with a restored, youthful glow.

Hydrolifting - Visbible Firming and Lifting (90 Mins)

This lifting treatment will visibly restore your skin to a youthful look.

  • A double exfoliation, utilizing both enzymatic and chemical actives, eliminates the dead skin cells to instantly clarify the skin and allow an increased absorption of the subsequent ampoules.

  • The delicate texture of the hydrolifting fluid imparts hydration to the skin providing a silky comfort. You enter your relaxing journey with a flowing massage of the Restorative Cream followed by the Hydrolifting Toning Mask, allowing you to succumb to a restful destination.

  • This treatment profoundly improves the visible toning of the face and neck and improves hydration for an age-defying radiance.

BD-LS+Collagen infounded by Nano-Tech (120Mins)

SEA C SPA - Brightening with antioxidants (120Mins)  

This age-defying treatment is the perfect choice to reverse the visible signs of aging and energize the skin.

  • Following the initial cleansing and exfoliation, a powerful antioxidant, the 15% Vitamin C Serum, with cosmetic benefits is applied.

  • Afterwards, all the benefits of the sea will be offered to your skin, with the application of Seaweed Patches. Your skin will be caressed and your senses exalted with essences reminiscent of delicate orange blossoms, as the patches are activated with a continuous massage of the activating lotion, dissolving them and infusing the skin.

  • The Thermal Organic Mud Mask provides a tranquil moment to de-stress and unwind.

  • This rejuvenating treatment visibly improves the skin’s elasticity, leaving it looking rejuvenated and feeling soft and supple.

Collagen 90+ -Visible Anti-wrinkle (150Mins)

This exclusive, highly acclaimed, intensely rejuvenating treatment dramatically reduces visible lines and wrinkles.

  • The Energizing Serum is applied after cleansing and exfoliation to ensure better penetration into the skin.

  • Next the Intensive Complex is carefully massaged into the skin, preparing it for the application and activation of the Collagen Pellicle.

  • The treatment concludes with an application of the velvety Vitality Cream, leaving your skin feeling as silky and smooth as it looks.